Munich and… Brazil(?!) in Beijing


In early December 2009, I came across a restaurant/brewpub called Golden Hans 金汉斯 in the Wangjing area of Beijing (in Chaoyang District). I figured I would give it a shot. Lo and behold, it was one of the weirdest and surprising beer experiences in my life. They brew three German-style beers: a “pilsener”, a dunkel, and a weissbier. And for less than 50 RMB per person, you can partake in a mixed buffet of generic [sub-par, but usually edible] “Western” and “Chinese” food… WITH… (get this…) …Brazillian churrasco! Well, at least it TRIES to be churrasco – to be fair, it’s probably the most palatable food on their menu. Adding to this bizarre cultural amalgamation, the waitresses are dressed in Bavarian dirndl and the waiters making the rounds with skewers of meat are decked out in cowboy-like gaucho attire. Um… yeah… But onto the BEER… it’s actually rather decent (especially considering the price)! …[Full, with photos]