As readers have probably guessed by now, I have developed a good relationship with the people at NBeer.  It is therefore with great excitement that I announce a 3-month temporary arrangement joining their team.  I will be involved in promoting their brand, particularly to English-speaking foreigners, and representing them at events.  I will also be conducting staff training and various other beer-related responsibilities at their venues.

NBeer is one of only a handful of craft-inspired brewpubs with an entirely Chinese management and brewing staff.  While expat-run or -brewed operations have been, and will of course continue to be, pioneers of craft brewing in China, it is of my opinion that native Chinese brewers and consumers will be the ultimate barometers of beer culture in China.  For this reason in particular, I am honored to be working with them.

In light of this new development, I want to assure readers that I intend to continue writing this blog, although now I might be somewhat busier than just a few months before.  Also, I will do my best to keep this blog free of any professional biases, just as I did during my time with DXCEL.  My personal hope is for craft beer to continue growing in China, regardless of whether it directly involves my current business relationships.  A note of disclosure will also accompany subsequent postings involving NBeer, and will be added to the “About” page.

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