On Thursday, October 29, DXCEL and City Weekend concluded their month-long “Beerjing” promotion at Danger Doyle’s.  As a new member of the DXCEL Beijing team, I was pouring beers for everybody alongside our regional manager, Simon Pendergast.

In addition to the beers promoted all month, we also poured several beers that DXCEL does not usually carry.  Some were very localized imports, or used very unusual ingredients.  These included Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Well’s Banana Bread Beer, Chalky’s Bite by Sharps (uses fennel seed), and Marston’s Oyster Stout.

Amongst the attendees were Beijing Boyce and City Weekend staff, as well as the winners of the Beerjing “Passport”, where patrons had to collect stamps from participating venues all month long.

(Update: Thanks to Jim Boyce for the photos.  Also, I have decided not to do a full write-up at this time.  If anybody has any questions about the beers featured or that you see in the photos, please feel free to leave a comment/question or contact me directly.)

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  • Elias


    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I have a question though: could you recommend a decent beer market in Beijing? Or any shop that sells beer that isn’t too “mainstream” (I’m not interested in Heineken, Corona and the like).


  • hello elias,

    stores (not restaurants or bars/clubs) that carry american craft beer: jenny lou’s, april gourmet, city shop, METRO. not all locations are well-stocked however. i’m not currently sure about the metro stores either. i know they used to carry american craft about 6-8 months ago.

    the above mentioned stores (and also carrefour, walmart, and other department store supermarkets like the one under pacific century palace) also carry limited selections of belgian, german and UK beers that will get this beergeek’s approval, although not always his wallet’s…

    (EDIT: don’t know if you happen to live in the wudaokou area, but i also just managed to get some of DXCEL’s product into a small korean-owned convenience store called “Green Tree”. they have two shops: one at the gate of xijiao hotel, and one at the huaqing jiayuan/”leisure gardens” apartment complex, underneath lush)

    good luck and welcome to beijing!

  • nan

    having read your comment, i will rush to Green Tree post haste

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