I am an American expat, currently based in Beijing. I am also a Certified Cicerone ® as of 2015. This blog was created as a place to help fellow beer enthusiasts find their way amidst what is often unfairly categorized as a barren landscape for quality brews.  I also hope to inform and attract newcomers to the diversity and complexity of what we call beer.

Only recently reviving what was still a new endeavor even when I began my hiatus in late 2010, this obviously remains a work in progress.  Suggestions are welcome.

Please also feel free to look my personal tasting notes and reviews at beeradvocate.com (username tai4ji2x)

DISCLOSURE: As of late September 2015, I am currently on a 3-month stint working with NBeer Pub, handling promotional and educational duties.  For the greater part of 2010, I was a sales and product representative for DXCEL distributors, who provide China with much of the American craft beer in its still-developing market.