Hello world!

Ok, finally took the plunge and started the blog.  I am still getting the hang of things, obviously.  Any suggestions and help (with WordPress and other technical stuff in particular) are welcome.

In the coming days, weeks and months, I’ll hopefully be adding more and more useful and informative content.

干杯! Cheers! Prost! A votre sante!

4 comments to Hello world!

  • Your blog is relevant to my interests.

  • Danadu

    Xenon, great blog, I want to plan an event with you, I already have one in the works, drop me a line. 加油啤酒!

  • Richard De Palma


    Am a U.S. homebrewer in Beijing on business. Taking the BJCP exam in a month. Was looking for suggestions on where to spend a good Saturday night (tonight) with like-minded beer geeks drinking good beer. Found your blog. Any suggestions would be helpful, and if you should find yourself free for a beer, I’d be happy to buy you one.


    Currently on tap: American Wheat, American IPA,
    In the fermenter: Robust Porter, German Hefe, Mango Wheat,
    Next up: Belgian Strong, Scottish 90/

  • hey, only came across your post just now. hopefully it makes it in time…

    for bars with wide selection, try beer mania or the newly reopened stumble inn. danger doyles is ok during happy hour prices. if in the lido area, you might also find eudora station of interest.

    there are two german brewpubs with decent beer, drei kronen and paulaner. but they are pricey. imported german drafts can be found at the two schindler’s locations.

    another interesting brewpub is the okhotsk brewery. only place in beijing that i know of trying to brew four distinct styles: czech pils, bavarian hefeweiss, english pale, irish stout. the quality is only mediocre for the latter two however.

    strictly belgian brews but still with a nightlife atmostphere: the Tree.

    search for locations and contact info at cityweekend.com.cn or thebeijinger.com

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